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Price Event

# This event is only for DELEGATORS of "Guardians-of-ORBS"


# If you're not a delegator of ours, please delegate to us now.

# Guess ORBS price of next month

# to join this event,

: you should delegate to "guardians of orbs" guardian before ETH block 7968900 (est. 16th June)


See how to delegate to us ->

: And then keep delegating to us with 10,000+ ORBS balance.

(If you change again, you will lose the position)

(You will get +5% addtional tokens of your basic POS reward)

# Event period

: ETH block#7968900 - (est. 16th June, )

# Winner

: Who is closed to the price of Bittrex exchange at (est. 7th July)

# Prizes

First winner will get 20,000 ORBS

Second winner will get 10,000 ORBS

Third winner will get 5,000 ORBS

* If you hit the Bull's eye (exact same 8 digit of satoshi price), you will get 50,000 ORBS

* If same price conflicts, earlier submit will win.

* You can re-submit if you change your mind. Only the latest submitted one will be counted on.

* You can see current status of your participation here ->

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