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Guardian's Report (Season 1)

Hi, everyone.

With Orbs Universe, it has been so excited during last 3 months.

This post is about what we got so far and what we want to share you for the future.


As you can see above, the number of participating stake is growing. Almost 20% of pre-saled tokens are joining POS. Daniel Peled (President, Orbs) said that goal of team is 70%.

Contributions as a Guardian

We developed and released since very early stage of PoS universe when there is no dapps at all.

You could simulate how much rewards you may earn with POS simulator.

If you already joined universe, you could check status with POS tracker.

If you are interested in next election, you could find it with POS scheduler.

The First dApps on Orbs PoS Universe

We are in development for more technical contribution on the universe.

Being No.1 Guardian in the universe

Since 2nd election, Guardians-of-Orbs never missed TOP 1 position on the list. This is all thanks to you delegators. We declared that we would not miss any elections voting and we are happy to keep that promise. Even though promotions are weak comparing some other guardians, you keep sending me your trust and faith on Orbs. This is really encouraging me and my team.

Based on those thermal support, we were able to plan next seasons and further future of Orbs Universe.

User Analytics

Here are some analytics of our website users.


The most popular page of website is "POS tracker" that users can check their delegation status. This app page was implemented before orbs's official pos website support.

Mobile users

Mobile users are more than 50%. This make us to take care more on mobile version of website comparing that other guardians don't.


You can see everybody comes from all over the world; Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Pacific.

As Uriel, co-founder orbs, posted earlier, South Korea is the holy place in cryto-world. More than 80% comes from Korea. Especially, thanks to our staking partner groups in Korea. Some countries are not stated in the list below, but if you see the map, many more countries are colored because of users or delegators.

What's next?

The last election of season 1 is done. We posted rewards of our delegators and we will prepare distribution. This will be done right after Orbs team's basic distribution. We have some POS partners who has private reward contract. If you or your groups are interested in us, please contact us. (

Also, we are planning few other programs and developing POS business models. We will announce when these are ready.

Please stay tuned and get updated.

May the POS be with you.

©2019 by guardians-of-orbs.

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